Molded PTFE sheet or “slab” is manufactured by compression molding PTFE resin into desired thicknesses and dimensions. While you can mold smaller thicknesses, most of the time molded PTFE sheet is thick (up to 4”) and creates the possibility to be machined into parts. Molded sheets are perfect for seals, gaskets, bearings, and food processing applications. While most molded sheet is manufactured using virgin resin, we also offer custom PTFE blends in molded sheet, as well as glass filled and carbon filled PTFE.

Molded PTFE Sheet Industry Standards

⅜"60 lbs.40.5 lbs. 18 lbs.4.5 lbs.
½"96 lbs.54 lbs.24 lbs.6 lbs.
⅝"120 lbs.67.5 lbs.30 lbs.7.5 lbs.
¾"144 lbs.81 lbs.36 lbs.9 lbs.
1"192 lbs.108 lbs.48 lbs.12 lbs.
1 ¼"240 lbs.135 lbs.60 lbs.15 lbs.
1 ½"288 lbs.162 lbs.72 lbs.18 lbs.
1 ¾"336 lbs.189 lbs.84 lbs.21 lbs.
2"384 lbs.216 lbs.96 lbs.24 lbs.
2 ¼"432 lbs.243 lbs.108 lbs.27 lbs.
2 ½"480 lbs.270 lbs.120 lbs.30 lbs.
2 ¾"528 lbs.297 lbs.132 lbs.33 lbs.
3"576 lbs.324 lbs.144 lbs.36 lbs.